Rebar Site Safety.... (Box of 100)


Our Rebar Protection Caps, or simple 'Rebar Caps', are manufactured using a durable yet cost effective form of high visibility PP Plastic. This also provides resistance against many factors, such as acids, alkali, heat, and UV.

Rebar Caps are widely used within the construction industry, where they are placed on top of exposed foundations and rebar to prevent injury or impalement. Acting as a safety cover, these Rebar Caps are installed efficiently by pushing onto rebar. They feature tapered internal ribs to provide a secure fitting to a variety of rebar widths.

We make these Rebar Caps in a High Visibility YELLOW finish. Helping to adhere to all health and safety requirements on-site, with a domed head for deflection properties. These Caps are available in a range of industry standard sizes, including Small 8-18mm, 16-32mm, and 40-50mm, which meets all standard rebar specifications.